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EyeView User Review
    Excellent company to work with


    Posted by Sanjeev Agrawal

    We worked with Eyeview and had an excellent experience all around - professional, responsive and great quality work

vzaar User Review
    vzaar - easy and free to use with advanced paid for pro options


    Posted by Chris

    Simple to use with a totally free option for low bandwidth users. Paid options include player size, widescreen, HD (High Definition) and most interesting unbranded or own branded video players (for professional sites this is a must as no backlinks within the player to other peoples videos or adverts!)

    Ideal for use on any website or marketplace including easy one click integration for eBay sellers. For power users there are options like auto play and of course easy cut and paste HTML code giving full control over video placement on the page.

    Oh... and there\'s also a mobile version if you want to updoad video direct from a mobile phone

vzaar User Review
    Great Value & Easy To Use


    Posted by Kieron O'Hara

    Vzaar offer a great service at a competitive price. Uploading videos is easy & encoding is fast. Checking activity on your account is made very simple with the dashboard on the Vzaar site. You can customise the look of your player by changing the colour of the border, select a size that fits the site you are using it on & even add your company name/brand with a link back to your site. Linking your Vzaar & eBay accounts is simple & saves a lot of time when adding video to multiple listings.

vzaar User Review
    Vzaar - One really great video service


    Posted by Jay Spanton

    Vzaar's service is second to none. I found it very simple to use, with a clearly laid out interface. I didn\'t need any support to get going although I know that\'s available too. All the features I expected were there, plus others such as customisable border colours. The video quality and speed were excellent, and the videos have received terrific feedback from my customers. Last but not least the fees are low too. I cannot recommend Vzaar enough.

vzaar User Review
    Vzaar - Great Platform and Team


    Posted by Marc G. Smith

    We started using vzaar around January 2009 after trying YouTube, Vimeo and one other that I can\'t recall off the top of my head. They were brought to our attention by a friend and their CTO; but even mitigating this review with our connection we have still found them to be fantastic. What started as token gesture to them has unexpectedly turned into an invaluable service for us.

    Their product/offering works well and is extremely reliable. Over the last 9 months we have seen them add feature upon feature, some which we have been after and some we didn\'t realise we needed until after they had produced it. This included but wasn\'t limited to multi-sized players, self-encoding (i.e vzaar not re-encoding the videos), unbranded players and search engine optimisation.

    What we also really liked over the other video services we used was the professional and slick look of the player; and that the product wasn\'t about driving traffic to vzaar or advertising them but about the videos themselves and their content; which was to advertise our products. The fact that they supply an unbranded player is a testament to them putting the customer before themselves.

    The last thing, and again you will have to mitigate as I have come to know the team, although you\'ll have to take my word that I\'m by no means someone to heap praise for the sake of it, is that the team have really impressed me.

    On the technical side their knowledge and expertise is superb. This covers video and web technologies as well as infrastructure and application architecture.

    With regard to support, not only have I been extremely satisfied with our direct dealings with them but I\'ve seen them at work. From what I have seen they treat every customer with respect and deal with support calls a long way outside what would be considered their remit. It\'s nice to see a company that don\'t treat their customers with disdain but actually realise that they are part of their livelihood.

    You can find some of the videos we have using the vzaar platform here

EyeView User Review
    EyeView had the perfect solution for Yield Software\'s needs!


    Posted by Derek Gordon

    We knew we wanted a video and didn't have the time or resources to work with a number of different vendors on creating the video content, publishing it on the website, streaming it etc. We came across EyeView's showcase and knew immediately they were the team for the job. We were impressed by the team's ability to translate our key messages into a compelling video in such a short time!

EyeView User Review
    Great product, great company


    Posted by Matt Malden

    The Eyeview team did a great job developing a compelling video describing our product offering. They were very organized, easy to work with and translated our script and key points of emphasis into a creative masterpiece. I would highly endorse using them.

EyeView User Review
    Promotional Video


    Posted by Frank Beechinor

    Eyeview were great to work with. They listened to what we were looking for and were able to articulate into a video that really captures our product. Their team was responsive and worked to a very tight deadline. We would highly recommend Eyeview to any prospective customer

Veeple User Review
    This service rocks!

    Posted by Lou Bortone

    I use Veeple to make my online videos interactive and actionable. I love the service because it provides a direct connection with my video viewers. Just one click from within the video and they're on my web page or sales page.

Veeple User Review
    Great product for Real Estate Providers


    Posted by Jim Forde

    We introduced Veeple Video to our providers at the end of September 2009. The Veeple Video product was very well received.

    Our real estate providers like that they can creat hot sport in videos that link anywhere on the Web. The providers find that it is easy to work with the Veeple Video product.

    Great support!!!


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